Explore and Photograph New Mexico's fabled badlands with an experienced guide


I have been photographing northern New Mexico for more than thirty years. in that time I have been to some amazing and other–worldly locations. Now you can take advantage of the knowledge I have gained over that time. I can show you some of the best photography destinations in the southwest, from the Jemez Mountains to the Bisti Badlands. Call me at 575-829-3804 or e-mail me today to schedule a trip to one of these fascinating locations.


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“I strongly recommend the Bisti Wilderness Tour led by Jim Caffrey. Jim is very professional. He knows the areas very well and without his help I could never have found the things I wanted to see. Before going to the Bisti I conducted extensive research. Some people suggested staying along the main wash so I would not get lost. But doing so you might just wander around and never find the Egg Garden, the Brown Hoodos or the Stone Wings. I did not worry about getting lost while hiking with Jim. In addition, Jim is a photographer and he knows when the landscape has the best light and which perspective is the best.”

Chong Ho Yu - Bisti Tour Participant


“We would like to thank you for your very professionally conducted 4 day photo tour of the San Juan Basin Badlands. It was one of our trip’s highlights, especially the 2 days we spent in the Bisti Wilderness.  We would have never been able to explore the remote wilderness without your lead. The hoodoos so delicately balanced we saw were most unforgettable.”

Haoki and Shigemi - Badlands Tour Participants


"Jim is incredibly knowledgeable of the Bisti Badlands wilderness and is a perfect guide to help the uninitiated explore the area. He helped
us navigate through the most scenic spots and was even able to predict which sections would become more muddy and difficult to maneuver later
in the day, hitting those spots first to avoid getting stuck. On top of that, he is friendly, courteous, and a really nice guy. I highly recommend his tours!"

Luca Cometto - Bisti Tour Participant