About Jim Caffrey Images



I am a photographer, Photo Tour Guide, and teacher based in Jemez Springs, New Mexico, where I have lived for the past thirty-five years. I have spent much of that time exploring and photographing the hidden and unique landscapes that the Land Of Enchantment has to offer.

Over the years, I have used several different Nikon models, including most recently, a Nikon F3 and two Nikon F 100s. In 2006 I made the switch to digital, purchasing a Nikon D 200. Unlike many of my colleagues who grew up shooting film, I do not mourn the passing of film. Recent upgrades in both cameras and Image Processing software have made it possible to shoot digital images that are just as good, if not better than what was possible with transparency film.

I currently use three Nikon camera bodies, a D300, a D700, and a D800. I like the crop factor on the D300 for shooting birds because it gives me a little more reach and I like the full frame sensor on the D700 and D800 because it allows me to get the full benefit of my wide angle lenses when I am shooting landscapes.

Thank You for visiting my website. If you have any suggestions about how I can make it better, please let me know.